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The Community of Practice is a group of UAGC faculty and staff who share knowledge and learn from one another. This group provides faculty and staff opportunities to learn, discuss, and collaborate on topics related to pedagogy, instruction, and university initiatives to support the creation and maintenance of One Faculty wherein full-time and associate faculty are equally knowledgeable about, engaged in, and prepared to contribute to institutional work. The Community of Practice engages in community research and discussion that contributes to the development of best practices that uphold the UAGC mission and instructional philosophy, champions the faculty voice—intentionally including both associate and full-time faculty perspectives—and shares it across the institution, supporting the proliferation of instructional best practices. The group meets virtually in sessions that support UAGC faculty’s diverse perspectives and validate how these perspectives and lived experiences contribute to the ongoing development and tradition of critical thought; problem-solving; and ethical, attentive instruction. These virtual gatherings feature a presentation on a key element of UAGC instruction and the opportunity, in breakout sessions, to engage in meaningful discussions with peers. These discussions are supplemented by an asynchronous channel in MS Teams where stakeholders can review presentations, watch session recordings, access resources, and continue the conversation with their peers.

Current UAGC faculty and staff can Register here and join the conversation on Teams.