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Faculty Affairs has created an aggregate program for the 2023/24 academic year that centers learning, engagement, and community-building opportunities on a key, central theme – the connections between the theories that inform both course development and course facilitation and, therefore, can drive improvements in feedback practices.​ This central theme will be woven through all Faculty Affairs programming for the 2023-24 academic year.​ Four key professional development offerings for this academic year include the annual faculty curriculum on Leveraging a Philosophy of Teaching, materials for an instructive feedback workshop, the monthly Community of Practice, and Course Feedback. 

  1. The Leveraging a Philosophy of Teaching module in Workday prompts discourse about creating an individual teaching philosophy to enhance course facilitation by connecting elements of learning theory and course design strategies
  2. The instructive Feedback Workshop provides departments with an opportunity to have discourse backed by research around the purpose and strategies for providing effective feedback to students. 
  3. The Monthly Community of Practice is a place for faculty to share best practices related to the Culture of Care. It is a place where faculty and staff come for discourse around an identified topic with the purpose of actively reflecting on and challenging our teaching practices. Learn more, ​attend a monthly meeting, or join the conversation in Teams
  4. Course Feedback for the 2023-24 academic year will launch in August. The course feedback will focus on instructive feedback practices that align with the research-based learning theories discussed in the Annual Faculty Curriculum. Our feedback is designed to open a conversation with each faculty member and provide a holistic overview of instructive feedback practices. Each instructor will receive two Course Feedback this year and will be allowed to select a course they wish to have reviewed. Once the feedback is complete, it will be available in the faculty portal for our instructors to acknowledge and respond to.

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