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Once you have submitted final grades, you should not attempt to make changes in the gradebook without submitting a Grade Change Request Form If you attempt to re-save a Final Grade without submitting the Grade Change Request Form, the grade will change in the gradebook but it will not update in the student records system. 

To ensure that all systems are updated correctly when you update a student's final grade:

  • Enter any submitted assignments and the correct grade in the Canvas classroom gradebook. 
  • Complete and submit the Grade Change Request Form.
    • Click on the Grade Change Request Form
    • Download the form onto your computer where you can easily find it (your desktop, for example). 
    • Open the downloaded form in Adobe Acrobat and complete the indicated information.
    • Save the form and close it. 
    • Attach the completed form to a new email and send the email (from your faculty email address) to and copy
  • The completed form must:
    • Be sent from a faculty email address. 
    • Be a PDF (not a Word document).

You can find a link to the Grade Change Form on the Faculty Affairs Classroom Resources Page through the Forms tile or access it directly

NOTE: If you click on the Grade Change Form link and you get a message that you do not have permission to view it, please try the following steps:

  1. Clear caches, cookies, Internet history, etc. Tip: Pushing CTRL+Shift+Delete (non-mac users) will bring up a dialog to clear your cache in any browser.
  2. Log into your faculty Microsoft 365 account (typically and try again to access the form. You must be logged into your faculty Microsoft 365 account to have permission to view the form.

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